Interactive worksheets have become especially popular during distance learning. Today we will talk about Interacty — a service that allows teachers to create interactive worksheets with bright designs, interesting tasks and games.

To create worksheets, teachers usually use Google services, LiveWorkSheets, GoFormative, Wizer, Kahoot, Teacher Made and others.

Unlike most educational services, Interacty was originally created as a platform for creating interactive content for business. But with the onset of the pandemic, it began to gain popularity among teachers as a service that allows them to make vivid educational content. Now Interacty allows you to create interactive worksheets with quizzes…

Interacty allows you to create a beautiful and addicting Memory Game in just a few minutes without a single line of code.
Below you will find instructions on how to create your own Memory game.

  1. Select a suitable template in the gallery. If you don’t know which template is right for you, choose any one. If you want to add Memory to an existing project, select the Memory block from the list of blocks.
  2. Click on the “Edit Content” button. A popup window with three tabs will open, in which you can customize the game.
  3. In the first tab…

How to create a Timeline in 2021

You can create such a timeline with Interacty Timeline Maker

Despite the fact that there are a large number of services for creating Timelines, creating a truly beautiful and convenient timeline still seems to be a non-trivial task. The fact is that most services are either very difficult to learn or completely ignore the fact that most of the Internet users interact with content using mobile devices.

Why Interacty Timeline Maker stands out among other services

Firstly, the Timeline Maker is optimized for creating exactly vertical timelines, which means that your project will look the same on different devices and at the same time use such a timeline will be as convenient as possible.

Secondly, Interaсty timelines have interactive…

At a time where we spend so much of our days online, how can we make use of that to send season greetings to customers, employees, colleagues, and friends? As the holiday season approaches, many business owners are probably thinking about this tricky question.

In this article, we will tell you how to prepare an original, interactive, digital Christmas project with no-code. The result: a quiz, a gift-wizard for employees, a Christmas online game, a New Year’s resolutions map, and more. Let’s go!

Christmas Wishes

Detailed instruction

Quiz is an effective way to find out the client’s needs, help with the choice, segment the audience and collect user data. While your readers are learning something new about themselves (for example, what character in TV shows they look like), you can offer them the product or service that they really need.

In this article, we will tell you how to independently create a marketing method without help and design in the free online designer Interacty.

But first, two words about what kind of quiz are.

Two types of quizzes

Trivia — quiz, with which users can test their knowledge (for…

Interactive content is content that encourages the audience to actively participate, as opposed to passive content that can simply be watched or read passively. Examples of interactive content: quizzes, polls, slideshows, interactive maps, timelines, mini-games, assessments, calculators, then/now, interactive infographics, and many more.

In general, any content can be interactive if it is based on user interaction. For example, if, while watching a video, the user is asked to check his/her intuition and guess the further course of events, then it will already be an interactive video.

Interactive content is popular because it engages the audience better, generates more leads…

A modern marketer is a specialist who should be aware of the most breakthrough technologies in the field of content creation, ways of its distribution, data collection, analytics, and much more. However, even the pros are hard to keep track of all the new services and tools. Therefore Interacty prepared a cheat sheet for marketers: the most comprehensive list of services for content creation.


Apester a plug-and-play platform for the creation and distribution of mobile-friendly interactive content

Animatron — a video editor for marketers and agencies and universal animation maker


Branded Mini-Games — customizable mini-games with dozens…

Memory, also known as Match Up, Concentration or simply Pairs, is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. Playing is very simple — you turn over one tile and then try to find a matching tile. …

Have you ever needed to quote famous people in your articles on a website or blog? If so, you know that doing it beautifully is a non-trivial task. Of course, you can embed a post from Twitter or Instagram, but what if you want to quote Elvis Presley or remember the campaign promises of Barack Obama? How to design quotes and add interactivity to your article?

For this purpose, you can use a special interactive format — Quotes. This is a kind of slideshow in which the pages are initially designed in the form of quotes, to which photographs and…

Here we talk about how to easily and quickly create a slideshow and embed it on your website. The easiest way is to use Photostory templates on

The most amazing thing is full control over how your slide show looks. The powerful Interacty editor allows you to set the background color, style of navigation buttons, page counter, or even a progress bar, external links, add a cover, and social media buttons. The slide show created with Interacty is fully compatible with almost any website or blog.

But if everything is clear with the slide show, and that’s what it’s…


Interacty is a platform for creating interactive content such as quizzes, photo stories, memory games, etc. And we are ready to share knowledge!

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