How to create a Memory game with Interacty

Interacty allows you to create a beautiful and addicting Memory Game in just a few minutes without a single line of code.
Below you will find instructions on how to create your own Memory game.

  1. Select a suitable template in the gallery. If you don’t know which template is right for you, choose any one. If you want to add Memory to an existing project, select the Memory block from the list of blocks.
  2. Click on the “Edit Content” button. A popup window with three tabs will open, in which you can customize the game.
  3. In the first tab (“Playground”), you can specify the parameters of the playing field (the number of cards), the back of the card, the proportion of the cards (horizontal, vertical or square), and also show or not show the cover of the game with the “Start” button.
  4. In the second tab, you can set the pairs of cards. These can be the same images or images related in meaning (for example, a portrait of a writer and the title of his book). Here you can also enable feedback to the found pairs. This means that an explanation will be shown for each matched pair.
  5. In the third tab, you can customize the appearance of the final screen: add text and upload your own image.

You can easily add a timer and leaderboard to your Memory Game.

If you’ve already set up your game — publish it with a click of a button! You will receive a link to your project and a code to embed on your website or blog.

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